THINKbenefitTM Brand Advantage Analysis is the proprietary system whereby Brainstorm and its affiliated companies execute a client-based strategy for improving or enhancing an organization's brand. This is done through a sequence of phases that begins with the client, moves to the target audience or market, and concludes with a series of tactical recommendations.

The Brainstorm process for creating a brand advantage includes the following steps:

  1. THINKbenefitTM Testing At the outset, THINKbenefit testing exposes benefit-driven impulses that drive brand. Through benefit testing, all audits and brand decisions remain well founded.

  2. The Brand Audit Once benefits have been established, based upon the initiative, brand auditing involves research to determine perception and knowledge of the brand essence and brand promise by influential groups across the enterprise and industry.

  3. The Brand Promise Based on data derived from the brand audit, the brand promise is drawn into focus and a reconciled core value or brand essence is determined.

  4. The Brand Blueprint A plan of action is formed from information and determinations to date. All proposed courses of action are scrubbed against THINKbenefit analysis and the brand promise.

  5. The Brand Culture Establishing an understanding of the brand and its usage across all facets of the enterprise ensures consistent and frequent deployment, demanding culture change and proper dissemination.

  6. The Brand Advantage With the brand deployment in full process, ongoing evaluations, and assessments are instituted. The brand advantage doctrine is established and monitored to adapt to and manage changing environments.