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Camino a la Universidad website design
“I stop cold in my tracks. It has been a long time since I have thought deeply about how I am the exception, not the rule. I toggle back to the report to watch the story being told.”

Erica Rios O’

It’s one thing to post information online. It’s quite another to convey the impact of that information. In the aftermath of a groundbreaking study, we helped the Lumina Foundation do just that.


Latino access to postsecondary education is critical to the future of the United States. Yet, most people don’t understand the challenges Latinos’ face, the opportunities available to them, or the broader impact of their struggles.

Dr. Raymond Padilla’s “What is Known About Latina/o Student Access and Success in Postsecondary Education” assembled and tagged decades of research on Latino access to higher education. What the studied revealed was amazing. The challenge was finding a way to turn this academic report into a meaningful online experience.

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The Solution

Initial discussions revolved around redesign and presentation, but after meeting Dr. Padilla and learning more about the research, Brainstorm proposed an interactive solution. The site, entitled Camino a la Universidad (The Road to College) is a Flash-based, rich media site that presents the research and findings in a memorable and easy to understand format.

Design, photography, music, voice, and text set the conceptual tone. Beyond that, additional resources were created to allow additional avenues into the research itself.

The Results

This project is an example of how a variety of individuals with seemingly unrelated skill sets (research, philanthropy, marketing and design) can come together to create an elegant, informed, and passionate message with impact for the greater social good. The impact of Dr. Padilla’s research is ever-present in the site, inspiring a number of positive reviews.

O’, Women in Technology:

“…What sets me apart is that I have learned to harness the power of my difference.

Case in point: just days before being invited to write this article, I receive an email from the UC Davis Chicana/o Studies alumni list to which I subscribe. It contains a link to the Lumina Foundation’s interactive report on Latino’s educational attainment entitled Camino a la Universidad (The Road to College). I click on it only because there is a promise of it being interactive.

I am happily met with a fast-loading Flash page full of rich images, beautiful sounds, and intuitive navigation. As I check out their source code, the narrated report continues to play in a different browser window. I listen to the stats, For every 100 Latino elementary school students, 48 drop out of high school and 52 graduate from high school. Of those 52 that graduate, only 10 earn a Bachelor’s degree and only 4 go on to earn a graduate degree.

I stop cold in my tracks. It has been a long time since I have thought deeply about how I am the exception, not the rule. I toggle back to the report to watch the story being told.”

—Erica Rios, O’

Main Street Project:

“This is really an amazing report on so many levels. The multiple literacies, the visuals, the presentation, the amazing coding that must have gone into creating this. I am really impressed and feel like there are so many uses for this format—especially in communities…I have never seen a report so well presented!”

Amalia Anderson, Main Street Project

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  • Key Benefits
  • Winner of numerous national and international interactive design awards
  • Converted complex academic research to accessible information for the masses
  • Created emotional response across targeted educational, cultural and political demographics and audiences
  • Created engagement and rally point online